What Types of Watch Winder Boxes for Men Do You Need?

A watch winder box for men offers many benefits. It can keep your watch ‘alive’ when in no use. It can also keep your watch collection away from dust and dirt that can damage the quality. Among multiple types of the best watch winder box for men, which one is the most suitable for you?

Knowing Movement Types of Your Watch

You should carefully observe the movement of the second hand when it moves around your watch in order to be able to know the movement type of your watch. If the second hand produces a ticking movement as it tells each passing second, it means your watch has the quartz movement. This also means that your watch is powered by a battery. In this case, you just need to replace the battery after a year or 2 years, depending on the features equipped on your watch.

If you own a quartz movement, it is not necessary for you to have a best watch winder box for men in order to keep it running. On the other hand, if your watch makes a quiet movement, this means it has a mechanical movement. Be happy because this kind of watch is made with high-end craftsmanship as well as best technique. A watch with a mechanical movement needs a best watch winder box.

Knowing Types of Mechanical Movements

If your watch has a manual mechanical movement, you actually do not need a watch winder box. You only need to wind it by using the hand winding. How do you know if your watch has a manual mechanical movement or not? By looking at the back of your watch. If you can easily see the gear and notice a small spring, mostly you own a manual watch. But if the back is partly covered and another part is transparent, it is an automatic watch that requires a best watch winder box for men.

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